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    Jul 03, 2014
    10.9.4 -Can only get 4 browser windows to work
    I'm using Chrome on 10.9.4 on a MacBook Air from mid 2011.

    Updated to 10.9.4 yesterday and now I can't get more than 4 tabs to connect to web sites using Chrome. All others time out with "No data received." Bringing up Safari, I can reach no sites at all.

    Any thoughts?

    added note: This is ONLY on my MBA. I have this MacBook Pro and a mini, plus a couple of iPads with no issues, so it is something on the MBA.

    Changed version of Chrome I was using.

    Verified disk, and permissions. Repaired permissions.

    Turned off firewall. Turned back on.

    None of this made a difference.

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    Jul 03, 2014
    I still have not resolved this. Sure could use ANY ideas...

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    Try using Onyx to flush out your cache files, especially the internet cache. If that doesn't work, download and apply the 10.9.4 Update Combo to see of that fixes it. Might want to re-run Onyx after doing that also.
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    Jul 03, 2014
    I think I can understand your name here, Lifeisabeach!

    It turns out that it was the Cisco Anyconnect client that hosed me. After reinstalling 10.9.4 I tried it with no success, and found a reference elsewhere to this problem with another user. All is now good!!!

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