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    Bootcamp -- how to delete XP partition in Mavericks
    Have an XP boot camp partition -- i was using to run parallels. Got Windows 7 and installed that as a Virtual Machine on the Mac partition.

    I opened up boot camp assistant to delete boot camp partition, but it only gave me two choices -- to download the latest windows support software -- or to remove windows 7.

    I don't want remove windows 7 from my machine -- if that's what it wants to do; just get rid of the bootcamp partition on the disc. Has anyone ever came across this and could you help me as to what do to -- or if there's anything I can do? I use windows 7 for my work and I don't want to proceed if this option will remove windows 7 from it -- I just want to get rid of the XP on Bootcamp and regain the space for my Mac partition.

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    Bootcamp Assistant is going to remove the Bootcamp partition. It is not going to touch anything installed in a virtual machine inside OS X.

    However, if your VM is using windows that is installed in the Bootcamp partition - that will be gone.
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    Then I don't think that will be a problem -- Windows 7 is installed as a VM on the mac partition -- it's only XP that's on the bootcamp partition that Parallels uses if I choose to. (Rather than install XP again after getting parallels I just chose to use the Bootcamp partition as a VM. I wish I could use Win 7 on a bootcamp partition, but that isn't possible because I con't use FAT 32, which allowed me to move files back and forth between OSX and Bootcamp partition in the finder window, and Win 7 only uses NFTS).

    so just to be clear, then, if I delete the bootcamp partition then it's only XP that will be gone, and Win 7 will still be there?

    I was just concerned when the option in the bootcamp assistant windows was 'remove Windowns 7' -- I don't understand why it doesn't say 'remove Windowns XP' Do you have any guesses?

    One more thing -- have you heard anything about people deleting the bootcamp partition on their disc and then not being able to recover the space? I came across some posts like that and was wondering if you had any perspective on this.

    Thanks for your advice

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    I was just concerned when the option in the bootcamp assistant windows was 'remove Windowns 7' -- I don't understand why it doesn't say 'remove Windowns XP' Do you have any guesses?
    To be honest, in your situation where you're using the Boot Camp partition to run XP as a VM and Windows 7 as a VM from Parallels, I can't be sure that removal is not going to wipe both out at once. To be on the safe side, backup everything using cloning software before removing anything. Use Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper before proceeding.

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