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    Unhappy Black Borders

    I seem to be experiencing something weird, eveytime i click an icon on the desktop it gets a solid black border around it. In Applications e.g, firefox some sections of the window will get this big black border.

    To me its like some kind of focus thing, telling me which section i have clicked.

    I'm quite new to OSX, could i have a key stook on my keyboard? have i messed withs something i shouldn't have?

    Also when i click the apple logo now i get Usual options but i get, sleep. restart..., restart, shutdown..., shutdown.

    I get restart shudown and logout twice.

    The only thing i can tell you i have done recently is to enable the root account because i need to edit the hosts file.



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    I wish I could remember the App that does that. I have a customer that installed some weird graphic app utility that gave her the same issue. I resolved it by trashing the preference, but I forgot which one. More than likely something you've recently installed.

    Wish I was more help.

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    It's the VoiceOver Util. Turn it off with the Universal Access pref or press command-F5.
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    Thankyou so much.

    I didn't have my speakers on so i never heard the dude talking to me.

    Must have caught APPLE KEY + F5.

    Thanks again


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