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    Does Outlook 2011 work now with Mavericks?
    I had used Outlook as my mail program for years, both at home as well as work when I bought my MacBook Pro 2 years ago. All was well until 3-4 months ago when I began to get multiple-mutiple copies of emails I had already deleted. When the number of repeats went over 1000, I decided to try to solve the problem. After much hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing, I found out that Mavericks does not play well with Outlook. I switched to Apple Mail and have been unhappy ever since. Now I have multiple folders with the same emails, emails ere filed in the wrong folders automatically, amd I continue to get spam from the same addresses even though I have marked them as "Junk". MS has now updated Outlook to solve at least the multiple mail issue. I want to return to Outlook, but it will be a hassle moving all my mail folders back, and , needless to say, I don't want to wste my time and incure more frustration IF Maverick and Outlook are still incompatible. Is anyone using Outlook 2011 successfully with Maverick now?

    OS X ver 10.9.1; Mail ver 7.3;

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The latest version of Mavericks is 10.9.3 and Outlook is now at 14.4.2. (Outlook has always worked with Mavericks.) Update and give it a try once more.

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    I am glad that Maverick & Outlook 2011 worked well for you, However, there were several months where it didn't work for a lot of people, as evidenced by the multitude of discussion on "fixes" for emails not deleting and old deleted emails reappearing on the Microsoft Outlook 2011 Forum boards. I guess I didn't hang in there long enough for Microsoft to get its act together with updates

    Now I just hope that the new OS doesn't caue similar problems. I think I'll wait a bit after it comes out before updating

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogLady View Post
    ...However, there were several months where it didn't work for a lot of people...
    The world changes in those "several months". Maybe updates have been released since then to fix any issues. You should try applying all updates…before…posting a thread about "Does Outlook 2011 now work with Maverick's".

    If after applying all updates…you still have issues. Then it's a great time to post a question.

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