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    Autofill/Keychain Failure
    Mac osx 10.9.3 Mavericks, manually entered passwords and user I.D. Autofill or Keychain, entered is then this notification cam dup, what is this? Are some sites not acceptable to autofill?
    AutoFill completes webpage forms using information from your Contacts card or from web forms you completed previously. The information required by this form does not match any of the information available to AutoFill.

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    Yup, not all sites and forms follow any standard.

    Also, your own data may be entered incorrectly.

    If using Safari, goto Preferences -> Autofill tab and check what you want to use and click the Edit button(s) and check what you have entered for each "normal" area.

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    Autofill will only fill out anything you have fallout out in your Contacts Card ie: Name, Address, Birth Date and the such. It also has the functionality to fill out your Credit Card Details, but only if you have iCloud Keychain set up, and a Pass lock on ALL devices.

    When it comes to the websites that use Autofill, they can be varied, and some of the big ones don't allow it, simply from a Security perspective . . . So its sort of hit and miss, although I have had a good success rate . . .
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