Please excuse the location and title of this thread. I just want a little advice and you guys are the best at answering my questions so I have another burning question for you. About web sites.

I have some files I want to sell online (downloads) I need to make a web site up that has this function. I need to be able to leave it for months at a time unchecked knowing customers can pay and click the download button and receive there files. Small jpeg image files. Money is collected via pay pal

I have been online and used software to make the site but every move and function costs money and then theres annual costs and so on. I wanna own/change my own site at any time, dont mind paying and annual domain name charge but thats it really. Dont mind paying 100 pounds sterling to build the thing.

Now surley there is a cd/dvd out there that I can buy that has everything onit to build a website and have it running smoothly. There are cds out there that allow you to make music, video games, greeting cards, is there one that allows you to build a web site that is fully functioning.

I dont think I am young or smart enough to start learning codes and what not, I am a graphic designer so achieving the visuals of the site is a breeze but making it live and a web site not just a picture, I do not know.

Please tell me. Dont want to be a slave to an online site provider as I will be paying monthly at the end of the day I want full control of my site. Surly google should have something like this where you build it for free and just pay the annual domain name charge. Have been quoted hundred to make this site but I wont even make that sort of money from the site when live so I said no to that.

My web site would have a couple of pages of information and one buy it now button. Simples.

Something as simple as power point but it builds web sites? Surely its out there.