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    Mavericks - Finder windows not holding their boundary
    I've just clean installed Mavericks (from SL) and so far has been a pretty incident free experience. Now just 50GB of third-party software to install

    One thing that is irking me with the new OSX is that finder windows seem to reset to a random size with each open. I like to have finder windows displaying each and every icon in a particular folder, but it's not holding the boundary I drag out when I next open the same folder.

    I can't seem to find a setting to resolve this. Any tips/hints?

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    Cannot be fixed. In the old days, every folder opened in a new window. That lead to lots of clutter, but every window held its size and arrangement. Now, you can open a different folder in the active window, and the folder that was open goes away. This has reduced screen clutter, but at the price of keeping all your windows appearing the way you set them up. As a consequence, I've reduced the exercise of arranging things drastically. In OS 9, I had enclosed folders cascading down and across my screen. I spent hours setting up every folder that way. It's a waste of time now for sure; probably was back then also.

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    I've used TotalFinder for quite a few years now, and find tabs to be an excellent feature.
    I have entire desktop screen (one of seven) dedicated to Finder and usually have about a dozen tabs open - very easy to get where i want quickly.
    I know Mavericks now got tabs option in Finder, so it might be a solution for you:


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    I agree with my fellow Brit that Tabs in Mavericks offers a potential solution.

    The following Link may also be of assistance in demonstrating how you can arrange for Finder to open in Tabs or Windows and how to manage same. Open Folders as New Windows Instead of Tabs in the Finder of OS X | OSXDaily


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