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    iTunes library - moving from SL to Mavericks
    I'm about to do a clean slate upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. Just wondering how I pull my current iTunes library into my future OSX? I've got far more music in my HD catalog than I want in my iTunes library (I only use iTunes to manage my iPhone content), but I want a seamless transition when I push into Mavericks.

    I'm guessing it's easy, but i've never had to do this before, nor did I find the solution in a search. Maybe my keywording is wrong.

    Any advice to get from A to B would be much appreciated.

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    As you are going to backup your Mac before the upgrade(you are aren't you?), you can just drag the iTunes Library folder on to your Mac after the upgrade.

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    Backup completed. The iTunes library is an XML file?

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