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Rod Sprague 05-27-2014 08:44 PM

Repair OSX 10.6.5
I have a friend running OSX 10.6.5 on a 2010 Macbook. She has never updated her OS or run permissions repair or disk repair. Naturally she no longer knows where her original instal disks are. Her computer is now running so slowly that it is almost unusable.
She does not want to upgrade her OS due to compatibility issues.
My question is can I boot her laptop with my old OSX 10.6.6 instal disk just to run Disk Repair in Disc Utility or should I try downloading Onyx for 10.6 and run that? I will do a time machine backup first as I have a spare USB hard drive I can lend her.

pigoo3 05-27-2014 09:40 PM

Why not just do a free upgrade to the final version of Snow Leopard (10.6.8)?

It is also possible to purchase a retail Snow Leopard install disk:

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (Australia)

- Nick

gsahli 05-27-2014 11:59 PM

Starting in Safe Mode does a Repair Disk operation.
Mac OS X 10.6: Starting up in safe mode

But, you also need to look at how much free disk space she has. 20-30 GB is often required for normal operation -- less than that results in slowdowns.

harryb2448 05-28-2014 12:48 AM

Rod I would suggest she update as Nick suggested using the Combo Updater which will go over everything and then show her how to run Repair Permissions. Next question would be how much memory?

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