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    Log in to the Proxy Server
    I am so sick of:
    "To view this page, you need to log in to the http proxy server" popping up.

    I assume I have to change some settings in proxies?
    Can anyone tell me what I need to change so that the name and password window will stop coming up everytime there is an internet link through mail, itunes, etc.?
    I click on "remember password", but it doesn't matter.


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    Unfortunately that is the job of a proxy server. Whatever the rules of the server are. If you aren't using a pac file you might be able to bypass your mail servers in the field provided, but i doubt that would work for iTunes streams.

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    I fixed it for mail by entering my name and password in Proxies... but it still pops up when I activate iTunes and Dashboard. I have to cancel twice before it goes away with iTunes. With Dashboard I have to enter info multiple times before it activates... And why are there THREE name/password windows for dashboard?

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