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Thread: Restore Notes: NotesV2.Storedata-Wal

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    Restore Notes: NotesV2.Storedata-Wal
    I have retained the 'NotesV2.Storedata-Wal' file from a previous OSX backup. My problem is the file at the moment can only be opened using Text/Edit app and even then I cannot properly read the file because it is in a strange format. I know it is the file for my notes because I can make out certain words.

    I have tried clicking and dragging this file to the Note app, but doesn't work. Are there any apps that can convert this into plain readable text? Or anything that will show me my old notes in a readable format? At the moment this is a blank file with no icon image since OSX cannot automatically determine which app it can open it with. I must use 'open with' procedure to open it in the Text/Edit app.
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    Angry needless suffering, osx masochism?
    I, too, have this question. I am _not_ interested in the stack exchange "solution" too feed my data to notorious Privacy Rapists like google. I would like to export my Notes app notes into a plain text format for non-OSX workstations or mobile devices -- and do so entirely OFFline.


    contains 3 files which I have copied to my portable SSD drive.


    I am not leaving OSX, but these notes are.

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