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    Mac screen issue
    Hey all, I have a mid 2011 macbook pro that's running on Maverick. Sometimes when I close the screen (as in physically put it down) and pul it back up, the screen is black. My cursor is on there and it moves just fine. I can swipe to different screens and they appear, but only for a fraction of a second before turning black again. After hitting buttons at random trying to see if I could get my screen back to normal, I must've hit the music play button, so it started playing music which came through fine, and the top right notification of artist/song also appeared. These all show me that it's a software issue and not a hardware issue, I just don't know how to fix it. It probably only happens 10% of the time, maybe less, but it's really annoying because the only way I know how to fix it is to restart the computer. Any ideas? I'm fairly certain it also happened with 10.8 mountain lion, but pretty sure it never happened with 10.7 lion (my favorite osx).

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    If you think the problem is software related you can try this:

    Boot your MacBook Pro in Safe Boot Mode (press and hold down the shift key during the boot up process) and run it that way for awhile. Safe boot removes all third party drivers and startup programs. It also mutes the sound and does a verify on the hard drive.

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