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    Wi-Fi turns off in Sleep
    I upgraded to Mavericks (now wish I had not), and now my Wi-Fi turns off when my MBP is put in Sleep mode. This is annoying because I get "Internet not available" messages when I try to use Safari. I have to wait for the Wi-Fi link to be re-established. This didn't happen with my older OS. How can I fix this to keep Wi-Fi on and connected??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bidwin View Post
    I upgraded to Mavericks (now wish I had not), and now my Wi-Fi turns off when my MBP is put in Sleep mode.
    That's always the case with every computer. Once you put the machine to sleep, most of the hardware goes down. Are you saying that it doesn't come back up when you wake it up?
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    You can go to the energy saver settings in System Preferences and set the CPU never to sleep. That will keep the wifi links active, but will use battery and waste energy. But your wifi link will be constantly hot.

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    Thanks for the responses, folks. Wi-Fi does connect after waking the MBP up but it's sooooo
    slloooooow with Mavericks than it was before.

    I don't want to keep the CPU alive all the time - my batteries must be degrading because I now have to charge them more frequently, so I don't think keeping the CPU alive is worth it.

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