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Thread: Transferring Files From Windows PC to MacBookpro snow

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    Transferring Files From Windows PC to MacBookpro snow
    Hello. I am trying to help someone that has a MacPro laptop Lion transfer his music and photo files to his MacPro Laptop. I have this Verbatim drive that is FAT32 formated. I'm assuming that Mac OSX will recognize those files and I should be able to transfer all those files to the Mac. There are just too many files to burn to DVD. I also thought about using my portable Blu-ray burner and burn files to Blu-ray. Will I be able to plug in my LG blu-ray burner into his USB ports and be able to drag files over to his MacPro laptop without any software from those Blu-ray discs? I know you need software to play Blu-ray. I also decided to burn some Dual DVD discs for him. I'm hoping that his MacPro even recognizes those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayRainer View Post
    I am trying to help someone that has a MacPro laptop Lion transfer his music and photo files to his MacPro Laptop.
    This is kind of a confusing statement. Does this person have one or two MacBook Pro laptops?

    You also mentioned "Lion" in the statement above...and mentioned "Snow" in the thread title. I'm not confused by the terminology...just confused by what is what??

    Also be aware that a "Mac Pro" (mentioned in the last line of the post) is a desktop computer.

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    Sorry for the confusion. I am not too familiar with Macs. He has a MacbookPro Laptop. He said it has Lion on it. I am trying to transfer files from a Windows PC laptop to his MacBookpro. He has a Windows laptop with files on it that he wants transferred to his Macbook Pro. He must have over 200 gigs of files all of music and videos that he paid for. However, I transferred all the files from his Windows Laptop to a portable hard drive that is FAT 32 formatted. Which I understand would be able to read and write to his Macbook Pro.I also burned some to dual DVD's and hoped his MacBook pro would recognize it. I also wondered whether a Macbook Pro would recognized a Blu-ray disc if I plugged my portable USB2 LG Blu-ray into the the MacBook pro. Hopefully this makes more sense. I am just trying to transfer files from a Windows machine to a Mac OS X machine. Thank you if you could clarify that what I mentioned would work. I just picked up his Windows laptop and took it home. He lives far away, so I am hoping what I did will work when I make a trip to his house to avoid more trips or if you have other suggestions. I know of no one where I live that has a Mac machine of any kind to test it out.

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    External drive (FAT32) - works.
    External Blu-Ray drive - should work (every USB-connected drive I've ever tried worked).

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    Everything worked out well once I got over there. The Fat 32 drive worked, DVD data disc made in Roxio worked, and the external Blu-ray drive worked. I started on Mac 7.5 thru OS 9 and thought Mac OS X was horrible in the beginning and shifted to Windows. But I see Mac OS X has become very stable. It has very nice graphics. I did find it awkward maneuvering around. I missed where images would mount on the desktop. I always thought that was a cool feature and was confused when images didn't mount. I miss the old Mac classic. Too bad they couldn't fix the memory problems.

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