I am trying to transfer a colleague's e-mails from her old PC (running Windows Mail under Vista) to Apple Mail 6.6 on her MacBook Pro (running OS8.5).

There are a lot of nested folders of email within her existing mail programme.

Using a free utility, I have successfully exported all the emails on the PC, and converted the .eml files to .mbx files, maintaining the file structure, and copied them to the Mac. It should now be simple enough to import the mbx files into Apple Mail.

The import works after a fashion, but it adds an extra level of folders within the file structure, putting each e-mail in its own sub folder within Mail.

E.g. Instead of seeing IMPORT/INBOX/AnEmail
I see IMPORT/INBOX/773p6CA1-00---1/AnEmail

This makes it impossible to search the imported emails, so they become pretty useless.

I also tried converting the emails to emlx, and then using the 'Import from Apple Mail' option, but the same thing happens.

HOW CAN I STOP THIS HAPPENING? (It's driving me a bit mad.)