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    Icon preview not working properly in Mavericks
    Hi guys --

    I've got some problem with Mavericks that's driving me nuts. Sometimes when I turn on My MB Pro (haven't noticed it yet on my iMac, but I haven't been using it much since I downloaded Mavericks on it) -- the icon preview on my desk ropy won't work; all I've got is the icon's name and a 'general' icon -- for example, a safari icon if it's an HTML page, or the app icon for preview if it's a PDF. I don't do anything to the machine for this to happen -- I just boot it up and the preview isn't there. I open 'view options' and 'show icon preview' is checked; so I then have to uncheck it and then check it to get it to work.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, could you tell me if you know how to address this?

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    Give this a try - Get Onyx if you don't have it already - use the main download link for OS X 10.9 at that site.

    Get it installed and open it up, let it run the hard drive checks then head for the Automation tab.
    Suggest checking off everything in the Cleaning and Maintenance sections.
    In the Rebuilding section, check off 'Launch Services' and 'Appearance of folder's content'.
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    Is it safe? I get wary about using some apps; etc. Just cautious/curious.

    It did it again this morning, by the way.

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