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    White Screen freezes
    When my MB Pro wakes up (or tries to) all that happens is I get a white screen. It is frozen and I have to poer down holding the power button. How do I avoid this?

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    With the info idea.

    Could be a full hard drive. Need to know what OS it has installed. If 10.7 or may be able to boot into the recovery partition. If may need to boot the computer from an external device (bootable external HD or USB stick).

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    Dec 17, 2012
    My OS is MAVERICKS 9.2 - I have a 2012 13" MBP with 16g ram and a 750 G SSD. My SSD HD is less that 50% full. The frozen white screen only occurs when I try to wake the computer from a several hour sleep. Brief sleep - 1 hour or less - I can wake it by space bar and entering my pass word.

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