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    Unhappy Shared media files on external HD become 4KB files when viewed on Windows?!
    I'm new to Mac, and a problem I came across is when viewing a media file (pics, videos) on external hard drives, or USB sticks, (EXFat, Fat32 formats) the files become unviewable on my Windows 7 PC, but still viewable on my Mac? ;(

    Is this problem common between sharing files with Windows, Mac and or Linux?? It seems the files are being cut from the drives and replaced with shortcut links, and the files pasted into mac somewhere. How do you prevent this from happening? Thanks.
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    Hi Bunnywabbit,

    Do you see the "._" bit before the file name? These files are just information files created by OSX for Spotlight. If you scroll down further you will actually find the original files in all their glory.

    Hope this helps

    - Simon

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