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Thread: 07 MB Pro Losing Internet Problem

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    07 MB Pro Losing Internet Problem
    Hey Y'all,

    My Macbook Pro keeps losing/dropping internet connection even when I have internet. I can be browsing through or some other website and I will drop internet for like 15 minutes, but I can pick up my iPad and have internet no problem. I have this problem when its either hard wired or through wifi.

    I have also been dealing with my Macbook Pro being incredibly slow lately, especially while on the internet.

    What can I do to try to remedy this problem before I am forced to go buy another computer?

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    Oct 03, 2008
    Anyone have any ideas?

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    You've provided us with so little information it's really hard to do anything but stab in the dark, so here goes:

    1. Do you have a bootable backup? How well does it run from that? Same problem?
    2. Have you tried creating a fresh admin-level account and seeing if the problem happens there?
    3. What, if any, maintenance have you done on the machine? Please tell me you aren't using MacKeeper or crap like that.
    4. How full is the boot drive? Are you sure it isn't beginning to fail?

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