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Thread: bookmarks gone after crash :(

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    bookmarks gone after crash :(
    My Macbook recently crashed while I was using chrome and had to force restart my computer, after that, all my bookmarks were gone!
    I went to look for the backup file and tried the whole replacing bookmarks with bookmarks.bak made sure the extension was gone in got info too but still doesnt work. I've converted it into an html file and see a bunch of stuff there so I'm sure my bookmarks are still there although not completely sure they are ALL there.. but it says last modified at the exact time my computer crashed ( I had bookmarked some tabs right before the computer crashed).
    I've seen some videos about how you can revert to previous versions of chrome in windows. I tried to do it in Mac using services but I only get an error saying "The action “Run Shell Script” encountered an error." Is there a way I can see previous version of my chrome? (Time Machine is not an option as I was not making backups with time machine )..

    Chrome version: Version 31.0.1650.63
    Macbook pro: 10.6.8

    Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated <3

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    Were you also using Safari at the time? If your bookmarks are up to date in Safari, Chrome will import them. Otherwise you may be stuck with having to re-do all your bookmarks. Since you have the backup file, you can copy from it, but you will actually have to visit each site before it's registered again in bookmarks. Next time make backups.

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