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    Text Ex[ansion into Password Fields
    I have an iMac running Mavericks. As a recent convert from Windows I miss the ability to use text expansion and pasting into password fields. I have a master password for an application and it is long and multi charactered. I used to be able to use a keyboard shortcut/text replacement sequence but this now seems to be impossible with Mavericks. Is there a work round for this?

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    There are numerous password managers in the Mac App store which you can try and buy. Some are even free. A password manager will not only provide your long password for the application but also for web sites, bank accounts, etc. We highly recommend you use one rather than rely on a shortcut key or macro. The best password manager is currently on sale in the Mac App store at half price. "1Password"

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    I understand KeePass is highly rated — and free, and is available for all platforms; but be darned if I can figure out how to load it into my iMac (Mavericks) or my iPad (OS7.1). Any suggestions, anyone?

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    +1 for 1Password, works as advertised and syncs across my MBP, iPhone and iPad just fine.

    @jackdew, don't know anything about KeePass, but from the website, you need to download KeePassX, which is the version for Linux/OSX.

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