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Thread: Mac mini 2,1 compatible Mavericks?!?

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    Mac mini 2,1 compatible Mavericks?!?
    Ahoi there,

    my father has an old Mac mini 2,1 from 2007 running Snow Leopard. Since 10.6 seems to be eol at Apple as far as security updates go, I was considering upgrading the machine to 10.9. As far as I could google it, the 2,1 mini is not supported although other 64 bit (i.e. using a Core 2 Duo or later Intel CPUs) capable Macs from that era are. While visiting my parents the other day I opened up the AppStore and guess what, it told me that Mavericks was available and ready to install.

    Since I was in a hurry and didn't want to ruin the current system I left it as is.

    Is it possible to install Mavericks on the machine without any hacks or special tweaks?

    Thanks in advance


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    I don't know what you saw from the App Store, but that particular Mac Mini can only be upgraded to Lion (OS X 10.7.5). The reason is because of the graphics chipset.

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    Chscag is 100% correct. Mavericks will not run on that 2.1 Mini. That is a for sure.

    There are ways to get Mountain Lion running but….. Have fun ever upgrading. Lion is it for that machine and yes it's mostly the video hardware.

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    Thought as much...

    But the AppStore said the same thing like it said when Mavericks first came out. It just said download and install. Strange thing...

    Since I don't want to do any funny business on my fathers Computer, is there a Way to get 10.8 as some sort of downgrade?

    I just want an OS on the box that has current security updates.

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    I would recommend upgrading to a new(er) machine at this point. That machine's seven years old. That's like three PCs ago!

    The newer ones are SO MUCH more powerful and SO CHEAP. Check the refurb store.

    Otherwise I'd say leave it on 10.6.8 until you have maxed out the RAM. Lion (and your father) will appreciate it.

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    Aug 29, 2013
    The thought of buying a new machine has crossed my mind. Since his Display is as old as the mini itself I will try to convince hin to buy an iMac. That in itself will be a challenge. My dad is kind of thick in that regard.

    Good thing his mini looked like the first one...

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