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    Camouflage not working the same on Mavericks
    When I had an older OS X, whenever I'd change my desktop background, it would automatically change it for the regular desktop and the Camouflage desktop. Now, whenever I change the image, it is only changing it for hte regular desktop and not for the Camouflage desktop. How do I get it to change the Camouflage desktop wallpaper in OS X Mavericks?

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    You might be better off addressing this problem with the developer: briksoftware's products
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    Which version of Camouflage are you using? The lastest version is 3.1 (App Store) and there the Camouflage wallpaper should update when the normal wallpaper changes. The old version 1.25 is only compatible up to OS X 10.6. I think Apple changed the way it notifies the system that the wallpaper changes and the old version just doesn't handle that.

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