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    Question Won't wake up
    Have an older mac g4 with osx 10.5.8. Just installed a new hp deskjet printer. Now when I put the computer to sleep it won't wake up. Have to do a forced restart with the power switch. Goes to sleep on it's own if I don't run the screen saver. Yup checked all the preferences. Didn't change anything there. Sleep timer etc. set to off. Help Please.

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    Which HP do you have? If your Mac was working before installing the driver it's entirely possible the new driver is part of the problem. Given how confusing most company's sites are it's also possible the driver you downloaded was not the correct one. The Gutenprint drivers might work.

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    Thank you, HP8100, again an older model but NIB. It ran/runs great. I tried uninstalling all printers and drivers. Didn't fix the problem. Have also tried all the fixes listed in the post "Basic Trouble Shooting" from the forum. Feel almost like I threw a switch I didn't see. Guess I'll just let screen saver run in back ground. Won't go to sleep that way and I can't turn it off anyway. Never ran SS before and never turned it on::

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