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    Can I locate older mail on my system? HELP!
    I'm wondering if there is a way to access old email on using mac mail from a few years ago? I think I may have 'gulp' deleted them and now I really need to access them! I really hope they are stored somewhere and not gone for good.

    Please help!

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    How long ago was the mail deleted or do you know? If it was deleted recently you may have a chance of recovering some of it by using recovery software. If it's been missing for awhile then it's likely that it was overwritten from using the drive during that time. And if it was overwritten it can't be recovered unless you have a good friend who works for the NSA.

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    You can check your {username}/Library/Mail directory.

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    Thanks Guys. It was probably a long time ago. Maybe a year :S

    Went to username/library but there is no mail folder.

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