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Thread: mobile broadband dongles don't work with Mac 10.9.2.

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    Aug 24, 2012
    mobile broadband dongles don't work with Mac 10.9.2.
    My new macbook with 10.9.2. doesn't accept my telstra mobile broadband usb stick. Nor does the simple optus one work with it. Has any one an idea which mobile sticks are compatible with 10.9.2 ? So far no luck. jules

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    Oct 12, 2013
    Have you checked your network on system preference. Have a look for en9 or may need clear the deck and restart a new settings. I am not Maverick but occasionally have the issue of loss of use and end up resetting my Three mobile wifi via usb.

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    Apparently the Telstra one is (see system requirements in grey here). Did you install any drivers? See here for some.
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    You are braver than I dealing with Telstra jules14. All they know is Windows. Comes from being Microsoft partners I guess.
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