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    3 Finger Click
    I like the mac three finger click lookup feature. Has anyone ever come across a Bible verse feature or option for this ? I would like to be able to look up a Bible verse that is in text this way just as i do a word. For instance if John 3:16 was written I could just highlight and 3 finger click the text and it would look it up. I get Wikipedia so why not another option?

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    The Bible verse would have to be hyperlinked in order to do that. There are ways to insert those links into text from a word processor and clicking on the link would take you to the web site that sponsors the Bible verses.

    Check out the "NetBibleTagger" site to see how it's done.

    You can also use the "Apple Services Menu" to go to Bible verses or even copy them direct into your document. However, you must be running a Bible program that interacts with services. Both Apple Pages and Microsoft Word can utilize services and scripting to record Bible verses.

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    Yea that netbibletagger is what i am thinking but i want that system wide not just in a website I create. I am not skilled enough to deal with code so i am looking for an already existing program. I don't want to make a wiki because that would require extensive hyperlink work. When I 3 finger click the word finger mac looks up that word and gives me a dictionary thesaurus and Wikipedia search for the word "finger" so i want that same system search but just for a Bible reference. I guess maybe i am just the first to think of it or everyone else is in the same position as me is just as inexperienced.
    Thanks Again

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