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    Safari couldn’t Save a Webpage for Offline Viewing

    I would like save an Webpage (text, images) Like Facebook's Photo albums so I can view the page offline

    I Go to File > Save As and Save as Web Archive Format

    I expect see this

    but after disconnet I see empty page

    do you have this issue you ?

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    It loos as if the pictures on the page aren't actually embedded in the page itself. In other words, the pictures you see there are hosted somewhere else and simply linked to by Facebook. Thus, when you save the page, you can't save the pictures because they aren't technically part of the page.
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    Or, they may be copyrighted and not able to be downloaded.

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    You could save the page as a screenshot, if all the pictures you want are on the one page and you don't need to scroll/page to get what you want. It's not html, but you have an image, at least.

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    Apr 10, 2013
    I tried with Firefox and I can save complete webpage with photos

    why Safari has this problem ?

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