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    Help, My old software does work with Rosetta
    Opps... I meant to say my old software does NOT work with Rosetta

    I had my power supply replaced on my iMac that used to run Tiger...the computer company installed 10.6.8. Now my software hates it. I tried to find Rosetta to no avail. Where can I get it or how can I get my old OS back. I really like my old software alot. Thanks, Kim

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    When you try to run software that needs Rosetta it should offer to download and install it.
    If you really need Tiger do you have the install disk(s)?
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    I lost my original disks when I moved....bummer

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    According to this Apple document:

    Mac OS X 10.6: If you need to install Rosetta

    If your computer is connected to the internet...and you try to launch an app that needs Rosetta...a dialog box should pop up that has an "Install" button in it. Rosetta should then be downloaded & installed.


    - Nick

    p.s. Worst case scenario. Purchasing a Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) install disk for just $19.99 from Apple will definitely do the trick...since the Rosetta installer is on the disk. Having the install disk is very handy as weii...if you need to start the computer from something other than the internal HD.
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