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    I have had an I-phone and I-pad for years but I just switched from windows to mac 10-9-2. I am using all the default settings and had help from apple support in setting up my mail which is hotmail. I am a novice!!!! There seems to be a delay when I receive e-mails on my I-phone and go onto the MAC to open and respond. There is a 3-4 minute delay before the e-mails show up. also when I delete a text on my iPhone or I pad it is still on the mac message and I need to delete them again. Apple support suggested an ethernet cable which I plugged in but no help. They stated it is a hotmail server issue. Anyone have this problem and can help? Thanks all


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums..

    Getting emails on the iPhone automatically means that its setup for Push which means that the server will send you email as you receive them. Mac Mail is set up to fetch emails on intervals of 5 mins or so. You can reduce that interval if you want to receive sooner..

    If you have to manage the emails in all locations, you are using POP to get access to Hotmail. You should switch over to IMAP to allow you have the same view of your inbox from all connected devices..

    Follow these instructions and specifically the section titled "Apps that support IMAP and SMTP" to get the details..

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