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    Question Quick User Permission Issue Question
    Hey everyone.
    So I reformatted my MBP. I copied all of my user files on my EHD. After moving the files from my EHD to my Macintosh HD the files don't have permissions to edit, save ect. I have to go into EACH FILE Info and "unlock" and give myself permission. Is there an easier way to do this? I have tried apply to all folders inside and it doesn't work.
    What I think has happened is my user name is different than my old user name. Could this be the reason for the lockout?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I am running Mountain Loin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Kaiser View Post
    What I think has happened is my user name is different than my old user name. Could this be the reason for the lockout?
    Yes, this is likely the cause. Your files have permissions for your old user which, to OS X, appears to be someone entirely different. Since your new user wouldn't have had permissions, every file is marked as having no permissions for your current user.

    A quick fix all solution is hard to come by here for not every file will have the same permissions. It might actually be easier to create a new user with the same username and work with that instead.
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    This did NOT work. I am still having issues with nearly every document in Exel, Word telling me that its a read only file and I don't have permission to save it. Can anyone help?

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    There is a utility called BatChmod (search for it) that will change permissions for a bunch of files all at once. You could use that to find and change all .doc files and .xls files to your new user name. Be careful, the tool could get you into more trouble than you can imagine if you accidentally change something that should NOT be changed. I'd do a full backup before messing with it. Also be advised, as vansmith has said, that other permissions on the file may be present and BatChmod makes them all identical across all files.

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