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Thread: iPhoto problem

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    iPhoto problem
    Yesterday I removed Mavericks from my MacBook because (a) my MacBook appears to be too old to handle it, (b) I cannot run Logic Pro 9 in Mavericks.

    I clean-installed Mountain Lion. Logic 9 works now!

    HOWEVER, when I try to use iPhoto now, it says my iPhoto version is too new and will not run in Mountain Lion--GO FIGURE!

    Does anyone know a solution other than another clean-instal?


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    iPhoto is part of iLife and a clean install will not bring that back you have to run the iPhoto version that matches the OS either re-install from backup or purchase from App Store.

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    The problem may or may not be the iPhoto application and is more likely to be the iPhoto library which actually got upgraded. If that's the case, I'm afraid I have no idea what you can do about that.

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    Thanks for the good advice people..I will take it further…Charlie

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    Hi Chas_M

    It looks like you're right. I tried to restore iPhoto from backup but it's giving me the same result.

    I will take it to Genius Bar …. they must fix it.



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    Hi all

    Follow up to this post by me:

    I took my Macbook to Genius Bar and for the first time ever, the "genius" got it wrong. Very disappointing. However I called the Apple help line and the fellow who answered fixed my problem.

    The genius said that the only way to fix it was to do a thanks!!! I would have to find all the data since the restore point and recover bit by bit, as I understand it. She said either that or purchase the iPhoto version I required. Sorry, why?! I didn't cause the problem…Apple's Mavericks was the problem…it will not work 100% on my 5 1/2 yr old MacBook. She was adamant there was no other solution, so really her problem is her attitude. She should have thought: (a) It's not his fault, it's a Mac issue; (b) there HAS to be a solution that does not incur cost to me.

    My attitude was that there HAS to be an easier way. There was:

    The helpline did not charge me because I correctly insisted the problem was not of my making and not because my hardware.

    The solution: I will explain as well as I can and I hope it's correct:
    Because I had opened my iPhoto LIBRARY using Mavericks iPhoto, the library was permanently altered in a way that prevented use of the older iPhoto version.

    (Mavericks is the first OS that includes iPhoto in the package).

    However we created a new, empty library, fetched the old iPhoto application from my backup, transferred the old photos to the new library folder, and voila!

    I felt I should let the community know, in case someone else has same problem. Call the help line if my explanation is not clear.


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