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    Dropbox icons not visible and not working correctly

    I have a problem about dropbox. I rarely use it so I never insatlled it, normally I use it by signing in online and downloading the needed files only. But from about 4 days the icons online are not visible. and also noted that is very slow to open the dropbox link. I even tried to install the app but not even able to download it. I have a MBP mid 2012 non retina running Mavericks.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    The first thing I would look at is your internet connection. All your symptoms point towards a slow connection.

    Dropbox works by syncing the data from your local ~/Dropbox directory with your directory on Dropbox's servers. If it's been a while since you synced, Dropbox may be trying to transfer lots of files back and forth between their servers and your computer, and that could be hammering your internet connection.

    When you say the "icons online are not visible" are you referring to the Dropbox icon in your menubar? Or the Dropbox icons in your Finder window?

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Hi thanks for your reply. No on fact it is not an internet connection problem because I have a 30Mbs connection. It came back to normal with out doing nothing. Maybe some servers were malfunctioning in our area. Because even one of my colleagues had the same problem.

    Thanks for your help. :-)

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