I'm in Africa right now and I'm struggling with the Internet connection and power supply. After 2 months now I was able to update my XCode 4 to XCode 5. The speed is not the problem, but as soon as there is no power the download breaks and there was no way to continue.

My solution was to download XCode not directly from AppStore but to login to developer.apple.com with lynx over an external root server and then rsync the dmg which allowed me to partialy download xcode.

So XCode is now running perfectly. But now I'm trying to download iOS 7 Simulator.

Sadly I didn't find a way to get a direct downloadlink. So I was wondering, if anyone knows a trick to receive the pkg file. I thought of programming a little proxy which runs on my external server, and when the connection between my Laptop here in Africa and my external server breaks, my server continuos downloading the file. But I guess that won't work because of a SSL connection.

Does anyone know a solution (beside going back to a more western country)?