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Thread: Volume control (F10,11,12) no longer works

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    Volume control (F10,11,12) no longer works

    I shut my computer down for the day. Upon returning home and turning it on, I find that my keyboard volume control keys (F10,11, &12) longer work.
    When one of them is pressed a 2"x2" transparency appears showing a speaker, full volume indicator below and below that a circle with a line through it, then the transparency fades away.
    I tried watching a video and do have sound output (sort of medium low in volume) but there is no way to control the volume. I can't increase the volume, lower it, or mute it.
    Upon going to the sound preferences, the output tab says "selected device (built in speaker) has no output controls". It used to have output controls and and I used volume control often. The volume control icon in the top menu bar is not working either and is in grey (inactive). Any suggestions on how to retrieve my volume output control would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try a SMC reset - link.
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    Oh Bob Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!
    The SMC reset worked and my volume control is back!
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    Nice one Tom! I would have thought a PRAM/NVRAM reset first...but if an SMC reset does it...great!

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