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    Oct 11, 2010
    Pass Word Problem
    Back from the Genius Bar with restored OS on my vintage 13 year old Mac, I believe it was 10.7 and not sure what the gentleman put on after clearing out my HD.

    I seem to have successfully restored material from Time Machine. However my password does not work. I am sure it is the correct PW. The reset option asks again. I am using the correct pw.

    Gratitude fot any help. I realize I need a new computer but want to see if this can work.
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    You can't run OS X 10.7 on a 13 year old Mac. So which Mac do you have, year and model? If the genius bar installed a new version of OS X on your machine, you'll need to setup a new account or restore everything from Time Machine first before logging on.

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    Oct 11, 2010
    iMac Desktop Password Problem
    Hi and thanks for your response. I wish I had started a new account at the beginning of this large transfer (now complete),

    I do not recall my model number and cannot find it on the exterior of the IMac desktop.
    It has an older aspect ration.

    I have scheduled another trip to the Genius Bar for tomorrow.

    Thanks and sorry I am so vague.

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    u say - However my password does not work.
    Password for what?

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    PW for ...
    Its the PW one needs to get into the Mac. There is GUEST, then me. I have an appointment at the Genuis Bar tomorrow and will post results.


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