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    How can i restore MacBook Air back to factory image
    How can i restore MacBook Air back to factory image. Need a few options

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    How about some more info? Which MBA do you have and what version of OS X is it running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nexusxox View Post
    Need a few options
    Why a few? Wouldn't one good option be best??

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    Well the story goes someone updated this MacBook Air to a current version of Maverick and now its slow and having issues. So they asked me to bring it back to factory image which would bring it back to Mountain Lion. However when I did the command - r it did not go back to anything except utilities and there was no mountain lion image as an option.

    So i just want to make sure it i am doing it correctly and they are really trying to avoid buying the 19.99 download but i dont see any other option for it.

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