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Thread: Late 2008 unibody macbook is dying

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    Late 2008 unibody macbook is dying
    Is there anyway around this? It seems every aspect of my macbook is falling apart, crashing daily etc etc.
    Recently I am completely unable to open Word 2011. Safari web content keeps crashing. Mail freezes. iPhone rarely registers on iTunes, System Prefs crashes, Wifi is unreliable, Finder crashes, System Updater freezes (necessitating a restart)

    The majority of these problems started after I installed Mavericks. I have 20GB free space, 4GB ram.

    I want to hold off on buying a new macbook for at least another year, but the way it is now it's almost unusable. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    20gig of free space on your HD is on the low side. Try deleteing or off-loading some items to free up space...and that should help a lot.

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    Have you ever done any maintenance (ie, OnyX as an example)?

    You are using a six-year-old computer, maybe the hard drive is failing? How are your backups?

    Do you do any clone backups? If so, if you boot from them do you still have the same issues?

    Another idea: try creating a new, fresh admin-level account (just for troubleshooting). Seeing the same problems there?

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