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Thread: quick simple network message?

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    quick simple network message?
    I remember many years ago when I was using Windows, it was possible to send a simple short broadcast message to all computers on the local network. The message would pop up on the other users' screens and they could read it and dismiss it, or reply. I found it handy.

    Is there a way to do this in OSX Mavericks? Does anyone know of an app?



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    Two options off the top of my head.

    The first is to simply use Messages with Bonjour enabled. Comes with every Mac.

    Second, in an environment such as a lab or work you could use Apple Remote Desktop. Of course this program does a lot more than sending messages but might be worth a look if you find yourself tasked with maintaining a Mac environment.

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    Hmm... OTT for my needs. I was just looking for a way to alert my partner, in another building, on the same network, that a parcel had arrived for him...

    (and yes, I realise I could use a phone to call his extension, but this IS a computer forum...)


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