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    Edit OSX Version Number to install programs from App Store
    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a user could "trick" the OS to think it is 10.9
    so as to allow for programs relegated to 10.9+ to be installed.
    After searching for this information again, I am coming up short.
    Does anyone have any info on this

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    No and I'm not sure you'd want to that. Not only is that solution bound to break but most software has a minimum OS requirement because previous versions aren't technologically supported.
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    Do you have reasons for not upgrading your computer to OS 10.9 (I know that this is possible for compatibility reasons with other apps)? Or is your computer not capable of running OS 10.9?

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    Thanks guys.

    I'm sure that OS updates would "break" the bypass. But I'm happy to redo it if/when that happens.
    There are a few reasons for not updating to 10.9, but to be honest, they are not very relevant.

    I know that there was a method for doing this that changed the version number in the "behind the scenes" files as well as in the About This Mac panel.


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    Maybe 10 years ago there was something like that. Not any more.

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    I'll provide a couple links that discuss how to do this. The information MAY be outdated and may not even "trick" the App Store in particular. Proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Tutorial: Change the OS X Version by modifying systemversion.plist
    Change the version number - Mac OS X Hints

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    Mar 20, 2014
    Tutorial: Change the OS X Version by modifying systemversion.plist

    This is pretty similar to what I had seen before, though I had seen a newer synopsis for Mountain Lion. Thanks lifeisabeach. My web searching skills are dull it seems. I'll keep looking, when I get some time, to see if this still works or if there is anything more modern out there.

    I appreciate the help guys. I'll give it a whirl this weekend when I have a few hours to tinker.

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