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    salvaging old iPhoto
    Hi everyone, this is a bit of an obscure question but hopefully someone can help me out.

    A while ago my girlfriend spilled wine on her 2009 macbook. It is pretty much fried, so after getting a new Macbook Air, and thinking the original hard drive would be intact I bought an external enclosure, removed the hard drive and now I would like to get some of her old files off of it (and end up with a small external hard drive she can use to backup her files for the next time she spills wine on her laptop...)

    She used iPhoto on the old computer, and I cannot for the life of me find out where the image files are kept. I can't open the old iPhoto application as it is not compatible with OSX, and there doesn't seem to be a folder anywhere with all the pictures in it. Can anyone help me out? Where are they hiding?!
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    Photos are enclosed with the iPhoto library. Open Finder and go here:

    Macintosh HD/Users/her user name/Pictures/iPhoto Library/

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    To view files in the iPhoto library you will likely need to ctrl click the library, then select show package contents.

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