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    Mavericks -- fan running high rpm.
    Twice today I noticed something:

    When I was on my MB pro mid 2010 (core 2 duo); upgraded to Mavericks a few days ago.

    Today (both times on the net) -- for some reason I noticed the computer got hot (around 180 degrees farenheit) and the fan crept up to as high as 3200 RPM (maybe even higher at times). I can hear the fan running. Normal rpm is around 1990--2000 rpm. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary; no extra software added (except I stat pro to tell me the the stats of the machine). As well I couldn't get any pages to load.

    I sat there for a minute or two, thinking that if I shut off all the programs I was using it would go away, but it didn't.

    The user CPU usage was around 55%, Idle was around 40%, System was around 3% and something called "Nice" was 0% (not sure what that is).

    The cpu Temp is around 180, The heatsink B temperature gets up to around 146 or so.

    I thought it might be that I was on a movie site, but the first time this happened I wasn't. In both cases I restarted or shut of off the machine and restarted it, and the problem went away.

    Like I said, I don't have any downloaded software except NetNanny; maybe that's the problem, but when I first installed it I didn't have this problem. Anyone else experience this and have any advice?

    I like Mavericks and there's no more support for SL, so I don't want to go back to it.

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    ferrarr --

    If you're asking whether or not I could create another account, yes -- I'm an administrator.

    Interestingly enough. I had opened NeoOffice (forgot to say I use that, and I also downloaded Libre Office as well), when this was going on (just wanted to check one of my files) , and I couldn't open it. When I restarted my machine and tried to start NeoOffice, I got the login screen for NetNanny, but even after I logged in there, I couldn't open NeoOffice. I could briefly see the Neoffice menu, and the app would shut down. I'm downloading it again to check. What can you tell me about NetNanny? There's just some stuff I don't want to see on the net, and I was advised to get it. If that's the problem, do you know of any other filtering software for mac that I could use?

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    You're filtering ... yourself? That's a new one ...

    Another thing to check is to make sure your Flash and Java are bang-up-to-date latest versions available (Adobe and Oracle, respectively). ISTR that NeoOffice needs Java, and Flash files can choke a web-surfing Mac like nothing I've ever seen.

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    Other filters
    Other filters for mac:

    I prefer NetNanny, but if you need something else… you can try k9 or SafeEyes. I didn't like them because they are helpless with Google and Youtube. They don't block things if the user searches those things. It only prevents from seeing things accidentally… But I think that they work fine for that specific purpose. It depends on your needs.

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    Ditch NetNanny and use Adblock with Safari. All you need.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    I'm wondering if "nice" isn't a third-party add on that tries to re-regulate processor time for certain programs ...

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