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    Mavericks vs Mountain Lion
    It seems to me that Mountain Lion was a whole lot faster than Mavericks. With Mavericks, I keep betting brief pauses and pinwheels. Doing anything with Mavericks is like playing an online game that lags all the time. It is driving me insane. Is there anyway to fix this lagging problem?

    Could the problem be the new way Mavericks compresses memory? Right now I have 1.2GB of compressed memory, and the only way I know how to get rid of that compressed memory is to restart the machine. I donít want to have to restart every few hours just to boots the speed of the machine.

    Also, I read somewhere that to go back to Mountain Lion Iíd to wipe the hard drive and start over. ;_;

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    It would help if you listed your computer's spec's and size of your hard drive with available free space.

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    My iMac has been upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion to Mountain Lion to Mavericks and it works just the same through all the upgrades, never a hiccup or any lag on anything that I do..

    Providing your Mac specs as requested by 'osxx' will greatly help isolate the issue..
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    Information about my computer:

    2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro from 2011.

    8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM

    250 GB Solid State Hard Drive with 15.5 GB free space

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    Have a read of this link regarding 20% free spacer which seems to be somewhat debatable. As the drive fills it will slow:-

    Does SSD slow down as it fills up? [Solved] - SSD - Storage
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrotsliah View Post
    250 GB Solid State Hard Drive with 15.5 GB free space
    15.5gig of free space is the problem. This means that your SSD is about 94% full. Not enough free space for the computer to operate efficiently.

    Doesn't matter what OS is installed (Mountain Lion or Mavericks).


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    To directly answer your question: the "compressed memory" feature of Mavericks is in no way, shape or form whatsoever contributing to your lags. As others have mentioned, you're very low of free drive space and that is likely the main culprit.

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