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Thread: Built in audio not working

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    Built in audio not working
    So I have had my macbook pro for a year and a half and I have had no problems until a couple days ago when my audio started to not work. I looked in system preferences to see if maybe the audio changed to a different out put and the Built-in audio option was not there only digital out is there. Headphones work if you plug them in and the speakers in my computer are fine because I hear the chime when it turns on. I had tried everything I could think of including resetting the pram and after that reinstalled osx on my computer. None of this worked so what I might try is installing mountain lion again instead mavericks. If anyone has any other options that I can try please let me know.

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    Look closely in your headphone jack. Do you see a red light on? If you're only getting digital output, it means your headphone jack is stuck in digital mode and that mutes the sound from the speakers. Try inserting your headphone plug in and out several times to see if you can release it. If that doesn't work, a straighten out paper clip sometimes will.

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