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Thread: OS X Snow Leopard install issues

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    OS X Snow Leopard install issues

    I have an issue regarding installation of Snow Leopard on my '07 iMac. Originally I ordered an install DVD from Amz and upon putting in the drive, all the dialogs showed up in Cyrillic (Russian) even though I had ordered the US English version.

    After returning that DVD, I ordered Snow Leopard directly from Apple. I put in the DVD and the menus were in English but the License Agreement was in Russian (with no language change option) and the Customize software window was in Russian as well. So I tried booting up from the install disk and it was in English, fortunately. I am still hesitant to install Snow Leopard after this peculiar occurrence. Can anybody help?

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    You live in the USA? I have never heard of this before and with 2 DVD's not sure what to say. Maybe someone else here will have ran into your issue.

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    Sounds like the machine thinks it is in Russia during the install. I am not aware of a russian version of the install disk, since all disks come with all languages and the installer will try and select the correct language from your location, derived from your current ip address
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    Thanks for your responses. I am in the US so I don't understand why Apple would send me software in Russian. So how would I change language preferences within the installer or my computer itself?
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    We've seen this before. Check your System Preferences, Language & Region. Check the setting here closely to make sure your time zone and all other settings correspond to the US.

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