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    Newbie - using 2 accounts with the same programs files
    Hi there,

    I have finally switched from my terrible XP PC to an amazing Intel iMac, getting along with it quite well, but have one big problem:

    I have 2 different accounts (Mine and my wife), and it seems that we can not access the same files belonging to programm, i.e:

    The iPhoto libraray only 1 user can see on its account,
    or a Dvd Library programm that stores a collection of dvds, ectĘ.

    It is obvious that documents are kept under each account, but the Shared document folders for example can be accessed by both accounts.

    How can i make programms like iphoto or any other that uses changing files to be available for both?

    Thanks everybody for any ideas,


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    The iLife suite has the share feature available in iPhoto and iTunes. Turn it on in the programs preferences. As far as using the Media section of iDVD you wil get the first two shared libraries but will have to use import and browse to the shared forlder to get movies.

    Just save files to that location.

    You can move your iPhoto library to the shared folder and when launching iPhoto hold down the option key. It will ask you what library you want to open.

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