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    Please Help me, I can't log into my user account.
    Here's the deal, I can no longer log into my user account on my imac, here's what happened:

    1) Earlier today I was deleting some old applications and accidentally pulled the system preferences application file into my trash bin. I put it back into my applications folder, but when I tried to open it, my mac informed me that the file was corrupted (also the normal icon for it is gone)

    2) I came to this site for some help, saw that you can restore the app. by using the program "Passive" and the boot cds

    3)Installed the new system prefernces app into my folder, but immediately noticed programs were not working. AIM would not launch, claiming there was some sort of file conflict. I tried reinstalling AIM, but the launcher refused to come up.

    4) I panicked a bit and decided to reinstall the "essentials" package with Passive. Restarted and everything (AIM etc) worked fine.

    5) Then I noticed that I was no longer the system administrator for my iMac. I tried going to the system preferences and reinstating my status, but it says my password and username were invalid. I tried several programs including Passive and they all claim my information is invalid. I am now listed as a "standard user" and not the administrator.

    6) I did more research on the site and discovered the "root" user. I logged in as that but I can't find my old username anywhere.

    7) I tried pressing "C" and restarting, and I reset the password. The only problem is the system administrator isn't my old profile.

    8) Now when I turn on my computer, I can only log in as system administrator. When I get on, the computer screen/setup looks like when I first got it. If I go to "Macintosh HD" And click "users" , the file "brandonpriddy" (my name" and shared come up. If I click my name, I can access my files, but its not like it should be.

    Can anyone help me? I'm sorry that this was a lengthy post, but this is my dorm room computer and I really need to get back to how it used to be.

    How can I log off of "root" and back onto "brandonpriddy", and make myself the system administrator like I used to be?
    ANY help is greatly appreciated!

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    When logged in as root download the latest combo updater from apple that is available for your OS, ie 10.3.9. or 10.4.5 or 10.2.8. Repair permissions, reboot, run that update as root, reboot. When logged in as root create a new user called brandon and be sure to give it admin rights. log off as root and in as brandon. As brandon use system preferences to delete the brandonpriddy user. It should ask you if you want to delete immediatley or to save the users old home folder in the deleted users folder. Do the latter and the brandonpriddy home folder will be made into a dmg that you can mount and move content to your new user folder to take ownership.

    At least that's what I would do.

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