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    Unable to alias command for Trash
    Per the tutorials on OSXFAQ, I'm trying to set up an alias command so I can move things easily to the Trash in Terminal by issuing the command 'trash.' But it isn't working.

    When I enter this:
    alias trash mv \!\* ~/.Trash/
    I get this:
    -bash: alias: /Users/xxx/.Trash/: not found
    Upon doing an "ls -a .*" in my homedir, it shows .Trash and it's contents. So what gives? neye:

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    Took care of it with a bash function. You guys aren't command line people, are you? :tusks:

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    I just figured I'd use the experience of aliasing. I have no idea how to write further bash functions, but I'm sure I'll learn. Thanks, anyway!

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    alias trash mv \!\* ~/.Trash

    no / at the end

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    I did try that while I was waiting for replies, and it still didn't work. I think it might be because I'm working from tutorials that were likely written under 10.2 or 10.3 and I'm using 10.4.4.

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    Well, I finally figured out why it didn't work originally. Pretty obvious, but I still missed it. I was typing commands for 'tcsh' when my shell is 'bash.' Never even dawned on me.

    Fortunately, someone has updated the OSXFAQ UNIX tutorials for Bash here -

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