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    Question Printing finder window in panther...
    Does anybody knows how can be a finder window printed? like it was in the old times (the hole content of the window. e.g. a cd window with lots of files and folders)


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    this is simple (though not as simple as pressing a button i suppose )

    Select all files (command+a). and Copy (command+c).

    Open TextEdit (or the text editor of your preference), and Paste (command+v).

    This will paste the file names, which you can then print off or save.

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    yes I knew that, only that it doesn´t make any difference between folders or files, it just put a list. Thanks though

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    You can also take a screenshot of the window by holding down cmd+shft+4, and then hitting the spacebar, and use your mouse to select the window you want to take a screenshot of. You can then print this out from preview.

    If the list is longer than the screen, take a screenshot of as much of the list as possible, and then scroll down, take another shot, etc.

    The images should appear as a PDF file on your desktop.

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    F3 takes the entire desktop picture... then you can edit that down and crop what you want too.

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