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    Unhappy Safari and IE won't load one website?? Mine
    Everything was fine and normal....

    Now all of a sudden Safari and IE won't load my website. ( Everyone else can see it fine. The AOL application on my computer will load the site just fine. Why won't IE or Safari? They were. Nothing has been added or changed. I can surf and see all other internet sites etc. Just not Says server not found.

    I haved contaced my host...she says its all good on her end. Contacted sprint..they say all good. She can acces my site for home and work. Friends get to it just fine. So obviously its just my computer, just my IE & safari. ??

    So in a nut shell...... My FTP and site (all on the same host) will not come up in Safari and IE. FTP will not come up in ( Transmit ftp program) either. All my other FTP saved sites are just fine. It just won't log onto my host server?

    Ok I think I made it clear? NO firewalls.... no routers etc... just staight lines.

    I have sprint highspeed DSL, OSX 10.3.9, safari 1.3.2, IE 5.2

    Please help!!!, Fademusik1 or ASMastering to IM

    Thanks in advance.....

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    Shows up for me just fine too:

    -repair disk permissions
    -reset safari
    -install a different webbrowser and try that (i.e. opera, camino, icab, shiira)

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    I have rebooted...
    I have "reset" & cleared safari...
    I have repared permission on that drive...

    ?? Thanks but no go...

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